b.1984, Kobe, lives and works in Berlin

Selected Exhibitions

2019    Age of You // Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada - Toronto, Canada

             True or False // Montreal Conference Centre - Montreal, Canada 

2018     Fluo Noir // La Boverie - Liège, Belgium  

             New Planet Photo City // 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT - Tokyo, Japan 

             SCANNING+1 (1:5, 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100, 1:200) // IMA gallery - Tokyo, Japan

             Return to Camera // Former Mercian Karuizawa Art Museum - Nagano, Japan

2017     EU: SATOSHI FUJIWARA, Fondazione Prada Osservatorio - Milan, Italy

             The Limits to Growth // DEPOT Kulturort - Dortmund, Germany

2016     Code Unknown // Deutsche Oper Berlin - Berlin Germany

             Facing the Future // Egbert Baqué Contemporary - Berlin, Germany

             New Portrait // Wer-haus - Barcelona, Spain

             #R // NON Berlin - Berlin, Germany


Published Artbooks 

2018     HORSES, Yngve Holen & Satoshi Fujiwara, published by Walther König, Germany 

2017     5K CONFINEMENT, Luigi Alberto Cippini, published by Fondazione Prada, Italy

2015     Code Unknown, Satoshi Fujiwara, published by IMA photobooks, Japan

Selected Participations

2019     Art Souterrain // Montreal, Canada

2018     Biennale de l’Image Possible // Liège, Belgium

              Asama International Photo Festival // Nagano, Japan

2017      f2 Fotofestival Dortmund // Dortmund, Germany

              KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival // Kyoto, Japan

2016     Photo London // London, UK

             Organ Vida - International Photography Festival // Zagreb, Croatia
2015     Paris Photo // Paris, France

             Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam // Amsterdam, Netherlands

             NY Art Book Fair // New York, US

             I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel // Basel, Switzerland


2016     Deutsche Oper Berlin

2015     Issey Miyake

Award, Shortlists

2018     Foam Paul Huf Award, shortlist

2017     Prix Pictet Japan Award, shortlist

2015     Outset | UNSEEN EXHIBITION FUND, shortlist

2014     Japan Photo Award

Selected Bibliography, Related work experience

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Selected Online Reviews and Features

2019     TANK MAGAZINE (Feature: Horses), UK

              Thomas J. Watson Library | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Blog, Cool Books, US

2017     ArtAsiaPacific (Review of the exhibition "EU"), Australia, US, Hong Kong

             WIRED ("Gritty Photos of the News Crews That Never Stop Rolling"), US

             Landscape Stories (#27 MACHINE, Friday Reports)

             i-D Italy (come sta cambiando il fotogiornalismo? i nuovi canoni del fotografo giapponese satoshi fujiwara), Italy 

             La Repubblica (La distorsione del reale nel mondo delle post verità), Italy

             LAMPOON (Shattering rules), Italy

             PURPLE DIARY (Satoshi Fujiwara “EU” exhibition at Fondazione Prada Osservatorio, Milan), France

             Arts Summary (EU: Satoshi Fujiwara at Fondazione Prada Osservatorio)

             MUSE (Satoshi Fujiwara A new emerging lexicon), Italy

             VOGUE Italy (Satoshi Fujiwara at Fondazione Prada Osservatorio), Italy

             Hospodářské noviny (Prvnímu dojmu nevěřte, varují Fujiwarovy fotografie v Miláně. Ukazují Evropu za časů terorismu), Czech

             INSIDEART (La violenza della neutralità), Italy

             Vantage (Capturing Power), UK

2016     American Suburb X (Satoshi Fujiwara: This City on Rails, It Pivots Relentlessly), UK

             Mother magazine (A Conversation with Satoshi Fujiwara), UK

             BLOUIN ARTINFO (Top Things to See at Photo London 2016), US

             LensCulture (Online Feature), Netherlands

             It's Nice That (Satoshi Fujiwara’s documentary photography questions the notion of reported reality), UK

             This isn't happiness™ Peteski (Eins, Zwei, Polizei, Satoshi Fujiwara)

             Liberation (Photo London s'épanouit au bord de la Tamise), France

             Berlin Art Link (BLINK // Satoshi Fujiwara), Germany

             Art Radar (“Asian Art Show 2016”: NON Berlin as a hub for contemporary Asian art in Europe)
             GUP magazine (Book review of Code Unknown), Netherlands

             Good2b (New Portrait de Kazuto Ishikawa & Satoshi Fujiwara), Spain

             Good2b (Satoshi Fujiwara one of the most grotesque and boldest phootgraphers), Spain

2015     Dazed & Confused Magazine (The new-gen Japanese photographers killing it), UK

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