Image game - Japan -

Visual images or words; I wonder which one exerts a stronger influence on people. Today, every search engine has an image search function attached which allows for pictures of things like people, objects, and places to be found. The search engine looks for and selects images based on the keywords found on their respective webpages. I believe that the impact that an image has on people is more direct than words and, furthermore, greater. In a language, the meaning of each word (in general) can be found in the dictionary, but when they are arranged into sentences, depending on how they are read, it becomes possible to interpret them in a variety of ways. On the other hand, with images, the context in which a picture is presented can allow for a completely, can it be said that it is not an easily malleable medium? Despite this, images (particularly photographs) are seen by people as relatively trustworthy and often not doubted. I decided to use Google’s image search function to play a game. By inputting the same keyword, Japan, into each country’s Google Image Search in their corresponding languages I found that depending on the country (or language), there was a big difference in the images retrieved. I took a screen capture of each search results (mindful of the internet’s characteristic of potentially changing every few seconds) and using the world map as a background, arranged them so that they were all attached to their particular countries.