Age of You, Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada 

Satoshi Fujiwara, Crowd Landscape, 2019 (photo: Tom Arban Photography Inc.) more

HORSES, published by Walther König

SATOSHI FUJIWARA & YNGVE HOLEN: HORSES - Kunsthalle DüsseldorfPublished by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther Königimages: HORSES, 2018featured in TANK magazine more


NEW PLANET PHOTO CITY - William Klein and Photographers Living in the 22nd Century -21_21 DESIGN SIGHT Exhibition "NEW PLANET PHOTO CITY - William Klein and Pho… more

'Crowd Landscape', 2019

'Age of You', Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada


EU: SATOSHI FUJIWARA // Fondazione Prada Milano Osservatorio, Milan, Italy

'Police Brutality', 2017

Mural photography in a construction site, Tokyo, Japan

'5K Confinement: HD Environment Surface Surveillance', 2016-2017

Belligerent Eyes | 5K Confinement, Fondazione Prada Ca' Corner della Regina, Venice

Book: 'Code Unknown', 2015

Photobook, published by IMA

'New Portrait', 2016

New Portrait, Wer-Haus, Barcelona, 2016

Photo London 2016

Somerset House, London, UK

Rights of Future Generations, 2020

Sharjah Architecture Triennial 19/20

SCANNING #1, 2018

New Planet Photo City, museum 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo, Japan

'#R', 2016

Asia contemporary art platform NON Berlin, Germany

Book: '5K confinement : HD environment surface surveillance'

Edited by Luigi Alberto Cippini, published by Fondazione Prada, 2016

'HORSES', 2018

Published by Walther König

'Venus', 2018

Exhibition FLUO NOIR, Biennale de l'Image Possible, La Boverie, Liège, Belgium

Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2016

Exhibition, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Deutsche Oper Berlin

Collaboration, Deutsche Oper Berlin, 2016

Code Unknown, 2015

Installation, ELTTOB TEP ISSEY MIYAKE, Tokyo, Japan